Milla Jovovich’s feet might hurt, but she loves being pregnant

millabump.jpgDo you sometimes feel like balancing your daily tasks while enduring things like the fatigue and discomfort of pregnancy should put you up there with Superwoman?

Milla Jovovich agrees. “I thought making action films was challenging, but this puts all of that in second place! I mean it’s hard, man. Women are amazing!”

Among her maternity woes, she complains that her bones feel soft, her feet are killing her and it hurts to walk, and she’s grown 3 shoe-sizes!  She has also gained 63 pounds, but is not concerned about losing it, or losing it too quickly. She went from 130 to 193 lbs.

Nevertheless, Mila has been enjoying the wonder of preganancy. “I think it’s so incredible to feel my baby moving. Just the whole feeling of being pregnant. I’ve discovered what it is to be a real woman, that’s for sure.”

So there’s one Hollywood actress you can identify with and admire!

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