Meet Jessica Escott

I saw this article about some woman who claims to be 4 months pregnant (with her 3rd child) and still buys regular clothes in size small and x-small.  “I still buy sizes small and extra-small. I just think maternity clothes are too expensive for something you’re not going to wear for a long time, especially if you want something fashionable. I want something I can keep after I deliver.” Uh huh.  Is she lying or is her body totally abnormal? How long does she expect to fit into thse clothes? OK. Another thing… her name is Jessica and her husband’s name is Tim. But simple, common names like those apparently aren’t good enough for the next generation. Their 2 kids’ names are Nevaeh and Jahara. I don’t know if those are girls or boys names. Maybe unisex? And I can’t even pronounce the first one. What is up with people today trying to find the stangest, most exotic names they can find, and slapping them on their innocent children? I know people who do that, and while part of me gets the need to be original, I have trouble understanding the urge to venture into the simply strange and unpronouncable.

Celebs are the worst of all. Here’s a site that lists really weird names celebreties have given their kids, and lets you rate them. I haven’t heard of half these people, but I sure feel bad for their kids…

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