Mad at Mimi’s Maternity

Oh my! Someone is really pissed by her shopping experiences at Mimi’s Maternity. I can’t say I remember an experience like ths, but it’s been a while since I stepped into a maternity store. This time, I ordered most things online, and am making do with what I have from the last one.  Anyway, judging by the comments, she’s not the only one who feels like this!

You can read the Open Letter to Mimi Maternity here. This woman has got an impressive list of outrages suffered at the hands of the salespeople, “young women who have never been pregnant.” This woman mad about the obtrusive questions, unwanted brochures, “free” magazine subscription being forced upon her, and discourteous service.  Oh, and the lack of bras larger than size E…

If these things bother you, too, maybe you should try shopping Mimi’s online. (They are having a sale now!) Or if this whole thing bothers you that much, find another place to shop altogether!

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