It’s a boy!

So… I actually “went into labor”on Friday morning. I totally thought I’d be waiting around another week and have to be induced. But I surprised myself and actually did it like a normal person 🙂  I’ll post all the details soon, but I delivered a little boy on Friday night at 12:30 (technically Saturday morning, I guess).new-baby.jpg
Anyway, here’s my beautiful baby boy. Actually, when he came out I was like, you have got to be kidding me… This is MINE? He was soooo, dare I say it??? ugly!! Livid purple, with his eyes swollen shut (from the pressure of the birth, they tell me). And I was expecting another Esther, sweet and gorgeous from the moment I laid eyes on her. The midwife was not happy that I thought he was funny looking, she said, “All my babies are beautiful! You just don’t know anything about babies!” Oh well, that might be true 🙂 But thank G-d he is getting cuter day by day, and of course, I have no complaints since he’s a normal, healthy baby.

Oh ya… and remember my doctor who kept telling me he was too small? 4 kilo! That’s almost 9 pounds! So there! You should have seen the midwives struggling to pull him out. Ha ha!

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