Giving Birth: What to take to the Hospital

Babies don’t always stick to the rules when deciding when to be born. Sometimes they are early and sometimes they are late, but since you never know when he’ll decide to make his appearence, it’s best to be prepared! Have a bag packed at least a couple weeks before your due date.

Here is a Packing List of important items:

Medical records

Hospital Registration

Birth Plan (if you have one)

Toiletries & Cosmetics

Sanitary pads (not tampons)

Clean underwear

Dressing gown & slippers

Outfit to wear home (keep it roomy!)

Nursing bra (if you have one) and nursing pads

Magazines, books, CD’s



Calling card/change for pay phones

Outfit and hat for baby to wear home

Baby blanket

For an even more complete checklist, try Baby Bedding Town.

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