First pregnancy announcement: Husband!

I personally hate announcing my pregnancies. I don’t like the enthusiastic exclamations, the emotional tears my mother is famous for shedding on such occasions, and all such similar reactions. I make my husband do the announcing. So it’s no wonder that I have never had the urge to be “creative” in this area, especially with my husband. He is usually the one prodding me to take a pregnancy test and then reminding me to call the doctor for the results.

But, apparently, not everyone feels this way. So if you are dying to get as much bang for your buck as possible, here’s an article by the American Chronicle with “unique ideas”to tell your husband you are expecting… making the occasion “so much more memorable” and creating a “great story to tell your child when they grow up.”

I admit to being pleasantly surprised and thinking that some of the ideas are actually cute!

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