Essential baby products

Thank God we are moved into our new apt, and the number of boxes is slowly dwindling. Now that we have an extra bedroom I can turn one room into the official baby room… the 3rd bedroom can be the office/studio/guest room! So, of course, the urgent need to furnish and decorate has surfaced. Sadly, we have zero budget for decorating. Only the essentials. (And the pretty silk flowers that my husband bought for me, after he saw me pick them out and then regretfully put them back on the shelf.) None-the-less, that urge remains. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a new crib set with matching curtains? One of those diaper disposal things? A big toy chest to dump all the miscallanious toys? Ah well, that and more will have to wait for another day. For those mom-to-be’s who are also wondering what is essential in baby’s room, and what they can do without, you can check out NewMomOldMom. This mom is having her 3rd child at age 40, and has learned a few things about what she’ll need to have, and what are just fun extras. BabyCenter also has a useful checklist of essential baby supplies.

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