Enimas: Another Childbirth Adventure

OK now here’s a topic to get everyone excited about! Here’s my question: When I had my birth classes last time around (once was enough for me!) the teacher was all about doing EVERYTHING naturally, including pooping on the midwives, I guess, beucase she was very eager to tell us that we DON’T have to get an enima even if the midwife tells us we do. My question is, who cares?? What’s the big deal about getting one? I’m wondering if anyone can shed light on that question. I mean, if it’s a question of pooping it all out alone in the bathroom before you give birth, or pooping during labor with everyone watching, which one seems the best way to go? So why would anyone be anti-enima? I think people take this whole natural childbirth thing way too far.

And for the sake of education, from all my research online, including personal storie and doctor’s observations (you can google it for yourself, if you want to), the muscles used to push out the baby are the same muscles used to push out other things! It’s completely natural and usually when it happens the nurses clean it up discreetly and pretend like it never happend. So there’s no need to be embarrassed or nervous about that happening.

However, if it can be avoided, I’m wondering why not go for the enima? Is it because people think its¬†painful?¬†It’s uncomfortable for about 3 minutes but then it’s all over, and you can labor away without wondering what exactly is coming out down there with all the pushing…

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