Empathy Belly: As close as he’ll ever get

Sometimes I walk around with my huge, pregnanty belly, shlepping my 2-year old daughter and a few package to boot, and I wonder why it is that the “weaker sex” was chosen to bear children while those manly men can only thank thier lucky stars it’s not them.  But while most of them are content to leave it at that,  one man chose to empathise with his pregnant wife, at least for 24 hours. Meet Darren Garnick, who dons the “Empathy Belly” so he can get some idea of what pregnancy feels like.  What exaclty is the Empathy Belly? It’s filled with warm water and sports strategically placed weights. A rib-constricting belt causes shortness of breath and an increased heart rate, while a six-pound sandbag rests on your bladder, creating an“increased sense of urgency and frequency of urination.”  Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?? Read all about Darren’s Great Belly Adventure here!

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