Big heads, small heads

They’re sending me back for another ultrasound because my doctor says the baby is still “small.” By small, they mean a week behind, I believe. I’d like to know what they mean to accomplish by all these ultrasounds. I mean, I have 3 weeks to go. What are they hoping to discover? Is anything really going to change now?

I also had to be monitered twice (because apparently the baby was sleeping the first time). Now the moniter is seriously annoying. You lay there on your back, feeling like you’re suffocating (at least I do, when I’m on my back too long), while this machine measures things which are actually a mystery to me. And they just leave you there for like half an hour, looking at the ugly pictures on the wall. I’m not sure what that has to do with having a “small” baby anyway. Believe me, this kid’s got lots of energy and kicks hard!

And on top of that, my doctor declared that the baby has a small head, in comparison to the body and legs. Well, I said, at the well-baby clinic, they told me that my 2-yr old, Esther’s head was small too!! And then they looked at me and said, Oh, you have a small head too. Sheesh. So we have small heads. Making mountains out of molehills aren’t we? And if you ask me, a small head is better than a big head.  The doctor actually said that if the baby has a proportionally bigger head, that can be more of a problem than a proportionally small head. And yet, even a big head is no big deal! A friend of mine has a toddler who’s body is in the 5th percentile and her head is in the 98th. Big deal… she’s an adorible littel girl who will grow into her head one day.

But the truth is I just do what they tell me to do… moniters, ultrasounds, etc… I like my doctor and I assume she’s really just trying to take care of me and my baby. It’s aways better to play it safe, even though I feel like I’m wasting my time. Let’s have this small-headed baby out already! As long as it’s healthy that’s all that matters.

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