Beware of Junk Food

Some mothers notice that their babies enjoy foods they themeselves enjoyed (or ate a lot of) while pregnant. On the flip side, if there was something mommy could not tolerate during pregnancy, sometimes baby won’t touch it either!

Seems there is a scientific basis for this interesting trend. A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition found that rats fed junk food during pregnancy and lactation gave birth to offspring that preferred these types of foods.

This could be why certain people crave sweets and junk food, even when offered healthier choices. In light of the growing obesity crises, this could shed light on how mom’s can protect their children… even before they are born!¬† If you try to cut back on high-fat, high-sugar foods during pregnancy and lactation, you may be giving your child a head-start in leading a healthy, nutritious lifestyle!

Source: Food&Drink

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