Baby Brain

The other day I went shopping, came home, unpacked my groceries and put them all away… only to remember at 2 am that I left a box of ice cream minis in my stroller, in the lobby of our apt building! I ran down to rescue them… luckily they were little chocolate coated ice cream bars, and were still(more or less) cold and intact. So I stuck them in the freezer and they revived.

 But things like this tend to happen when you’re pregnant. ParentCenter calls it “Baby Brain” and cites a similar story:

The human brain can only process so much in a day, thank you very much. So when it’s busy building a baby — or keeping track of the one you already have — it may not have enough gray cells left over to remember things like, oh, bringing your groceries out to the car after you pay for them. And not realizing it. Until the next day.

What trouble has your Baby Brain been causing lately?

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