The story on claims that a 20-year old girl supposedly gave birth to a baby in a MacDonald’s bathroom. And then, since she didn’t know she was pregnant and didn’t realize she had just given birth, tried to flush the baby down the toilet.

I don’t know if I buy this story, especially since the last paragraph reads, “Police Capt. Rich Lockhart said the case remains under investigation. But he added that Washington’s [the family’s spokesman] statements conflict with those that the woman made to police and paramedics.”

So either she didn’t realize she was pregnant and then gave birth and STILL not realizing, which means she’s an idiot. Or she knew all along and tried to get rid of the baby, which means she’s an idiot and also has a number of other major problems. Even if she’s not a criminal, maybe they should lock her up for her own safety.

I don’t really like to blog about these kind of sensation stories… they’re not educational, not uplifting, not really very sane, in fact. But I am just so mystefied by the possibility that someone really could be pregnant and not have a clue. How is that possible??

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