Stress is bad for growing babies

stress.jpg“Chronic mild stress in pregnant mothers may increase the risk that their offspring will develop cerebral palsy,” says a new study. “These findings are consistent with growing evidence that constant stress, even minimal, can have a major impact on the quality of life.” Well, if that doesn’t stress you out, I don’t know what will. Read about it here. Stop it! Calm down! You’re getting stressed out just reading this article… ahhhhhhhhhh!!!

But don’t worry, the article also offers way to combat stress. The last tip is: Identify the personal sources of stress in your life and look for ways to eliminate them. Well, that’s handy-dandy. Let’s see, I’ll just quit my job, tell my landlord to bug off, lock my 2-yr-old in the basement, and pull the phone out of the wall. That ought to take care of things around here!

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