16 weeks pregnant and so large

According to my googling, (I found this article on AmericanBaby.com helpful) it’s normal to start showing during your second pregnancy earlier than your first. I definitely started showing earlier this time around, and by now I feel huge! I have a cousin who’s expecting her first and I feel like I look as large as she does… and she’s due in a month!! 

I also found out that my rushing to the bathroom all the time (something I don’t remember doing this early in my last pregnancy… but then again, there’s much I don’t remember) is due to additional pressure on the bladder and pelvic area… that’s becuase the abdominal muscles have been weakened by the first pregnancy and so the fetus hangs lower in the abdomen. That’s a lovely thought, isn’t it? Where’s it gonna be hanging by the third or fourth pregnancy, I’d like to know?! 

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