I hope my loyal readers have not been too busy wondering how I’m doing and why I have not been blogging so regularly… In case you were wondering, no baby yet! Just internet problems and the fact that some days I’m so wiped out, I don’t get around to many of the things I’d like to get done.  Anyway… I’m still here and still pregnant and I might still be here a week from now with no change. That’s the feeling I get and I’m not expecting anything to happen any time soon! Can’t say the same for everyone else. My mother calls every day to ask if I’ve felt contractions. Friends look at me incredulously and say, “Still here?” Um, let me check… yup, still here. Sorry. And today was my husband’s birthday and he was kind of hoping the baby would be have the same birthday as him…. not this time around! So we’re all just waiting, which is fine, because there is always something that needs to be done and I’m not in a rush. I just don’t want to get to the point where they start talking inductions.  Last time I didn’t really know what it would be like, and I was ready to have the baby already, so I let them go ahead and do whatever it is they wanted to do. But I don’t think it was necessary, just done out of policy. This time I’d like to have more of a say in the matter!

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  1. We are all waiting anxiously. When you feel a huge urge to either wallpaper the baby’s room or put up a hundred posts, you’ll know its time.

  2. Thank you 🙂

    All I feel is a huge urge to eat all the time. And have my feet massaged. Do you think that indicates anything??

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