Pregnancy & exercize: 5 Reasons to get off the sofa!

Dan Thompson, author of the Pregnancy Exercise Plan and a leading personal trainer in the UK, shares 5 reasons why you should excercize durring pregnancy. Of course exercise is healthy whether or not you are carrying a baby… but do you know the specific benefits derived from exercising throughout your pregnancy?

Here they are:

1. Easier time pushing that baby out (second stage labor)!Make sense that if you are in good shape, your body will have more strength to push. Even during a long labor, a fit woman will be able to cope better than one who did not exercise at all.

 2. Easier, healthier all-around pregnancy. Women who exercise feel more positive and report less weight-gain, suffer less back and pelvic pain, sleep better and eat better. They are happier and less likely to suffer depression. You will also feel better and have more energy after birth.

3.  Strong pelvic floor muscles assist in birth. During pregnancy, hormones enable the pelvic floor to stretch adequately during childbirth. If these muscles are toned, they will allow a baby to pass through during childbirth and return to normal afterwards. If not, they can be damaged, over stretched and weak.

4. Pregnancy is a great time to start fresh! Many woman who have not exercised previously, commit to a new fitness plan when they become pregnant.  They want to begin a new, healthier way of life so they can have the best pregnancy experience possible… and a healthier baby too!

5. Exercise benefits your child! Babies born to women who worked out were leaner than those who did not. (Fatter babies are not necessarily healthier babies.)  Studies have shown that children born to exercising mothers are less likely to be obese. Further studies show that children of exercising mothers scored higher on tests of general intelligence and oral language skills, in addition to physical performance.

You should consult a fitness expert before embarking on any new exercise programs, especially during pregnancy! But you will find that once you start, the benefits are obvious. So what are you waiting for?

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