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Still itching

I know! It’s just crazy! I’ve been moisturizing, and my legs are still itching like mad. It MUST be the pregnancy…

So I am finally noticably pregnant. I was noticably fat for a while, but that uncomfortable point has apparently passed. People have started asking when I’m due, so that’s a good sign!

Feeling Body Conscious?

It can be hard for many childbearing women to accept the way their bodies look post-pregnancy… Hey, it’s hard to accept the way our bodies look even pre-pregnancy. Here’s a cool site I found called The Shape of a Mother, which states:

So get yourself a nice big chocolate bar and sit down at your computer. It’s a comforting, share-the-love type of site… In today’s world, it’s easy to be dissatisfied with your body, but the goal of this website is to reasure women that just about anything goes! Some of the photos are admittedly a bit horrifying (if you’re just thinking about having kids, maybe you should stay away!) but some are really sweet and endearing. Check it out and maybe it will help you feel happier about the shape of your body, too.

Baby Bragging

Newborn EstherJust so you know I wasn’t kidding when I said Esther was beautiful right from the start, here’s a picture to prove it. This is when she’s just a couple days old… sometime while we were still in the hospital. The funny thing is, subsuquent pictures are often quite odd-looking. I look at them and think, “She is just not cute in this one… or this one…” yet I know she was simply adorible at every stage! So you see, it happens to the best of us, this thinking your kid is gorgeous when she’s really just average…

But I still think that hospital picture is lovely.

Who has time for being pregnant?

I am the queen of procrastinating, but I finally made an appointment for my first ultrasound.  At last, confirmation that the swelling around my middle is actually a baby!! Still have to get myself to the clinic to have some blood tests or something… maybe tomorrow 🙂

I don’t know how we’re supposed to have time for doctors’ appointments when there are so many other things to do. Work, taking care of David (husband) and Esther (daughter), cleaning, cooking, laundry (oy, the laundry!)..  I can hardly remember to take my prenatal vitamins every day! Kids are so demanding, even before they’re born…

Newborn Beauty

I have never been a big fan of newborns. Kittens and puppies, yes, but not babies. I like kids when they were a bit older and not so funny looking. My friend Alexis says babies come in 2 categories, and of course I forget what they are, but neither is complimentary, and one of them is aliens. Which is pretty much true. So when I was pregnant for the first time, I seriously wondered if my baby would be cute, and if it wasn’t, would I think it was cute anyway, and how I would know if people were lying to me when they said, “Aww, what a cute baby.” Luckily, Esther was an exceptionally beautiful baby. And ever luckier, I fell madly in love with her the moment I laid eyes on her, all purple and scrawny and covered in slime. So this time around, I’m pretty sure I’ll love the baby no matter what it looks like. And besides, I make cute babies 🙂

Forgetfulness: Blame it on the pregnancy

OK here’s another thing that I blame on pregnancy. Memory loss. I can’t seem to remember things the way I used to, although I can’t be sure of that since I don’t really remember lots of things I used to know. I find myself saying wistful things to my husband, like, “Do you remember when I was smart?” (That’s the sister comment of “Do you remember when I was pretty?”) But the fact that I would even say something like that, goes to show how far I’ve deteriorated.

My theory is simple. My brain cells are being transferred to the fetus, thereby increasing its intelligence while decreasing mine.

A study conducted by a University of Southern California psychologist found that women suffer from impaired cognitive function while pregnant, maintaining neither their short-term memories nor their concentration and ability to retain new information. However, another study on rats showed that mother rats were able to learn quicker and were better at problem-solving than virgin rats, so perhaps there are long-term advantages to becoming a mother! (You can read that one here.)

Well that’s reassuring on two counts… firstly that this forgetfulness is normal, and two, that if I was a rat I’d be smarter than I was before I got pregnant or had children. But then again, rats don’t need to remember people’s names, birthdays, or appointments.

They don’t have such cute babies, either.

Annoying, itchy legs

My legs have been realllllyyy itchy, and someone said it must be from the pregnancy. That’s what we love about pregnancy, you can blame everything on it… skin break outs, weight gain, horrible moods, it’s all covered! So of course, like I do most things, I had to google this itchy skin thing. says: It’s not uncommon to feel itchy, particularly around your growing belly and breasts as your skin stretches to accommodate them. Ok, thats not me, at least not yet.  Some pregnant women find that their palms and the soles of their feet get red and sometimes itchy. This common condition may be caused by an increase in estrogen. No, not that either (sounds yucky). Where is the itchy-leg-syndrome??

Looks like I can’t blame this one on pregnancy. I gotta start moisterizing or something. That’s the old age creeping up on me; I turn 26 and all of the sudden my legs are dry! Reading glasses and grey hairs are just around the corner…

Simulated infants…oh my!

Hey moms and dads-to-be, wondering what it’s really like to have a baby? Here’s one way to find out! Someone has invented a simulated infant, programmed to behave like a real baby! It’s main use, aside from teaching parenting skills, is to dissuate teenagers from getting pregnant. And I have little doubt that it works… After reading this article I can’t decide whether it’s the funniest or saddest statement about today’s society.

This computerized doll begins to whimper if left unattended or not handled properly, and is soon wailing loudly if the situation is not fixed.  Caring for the baby properly (feeding, burping, changing) as well as abusing it (shaking, holding upside down, neglect) are monitered by various computer chips inside the baby.  One student who took part in this week-long experiment said “I recommend it, because kids these days think it’s a cute thing to have a child and dress it in nice clothes. And I say, ‘You should do this, because it will probably change your mind.'” Another participant said he realized that “you have to build your activities around your baby.”

Even though your simulated infant can look like you, with five racial groups and six skin colors to choose from, it’s hardly the same as having your own child. This program focuses on the hassel, not the rewards, of having a baby.  You won’t be getting any sweet smiles or warm cuddles from this little machine, and without feeling any love and tenderness, caring for a baby 24-7 is is no fun at all. When it’s your own baby, the experience is very, very different!

Confused about calculating due dates

According to this Pregnancy Calculator, I am 13 weeks and 5 days pregnant. The American Pregnancy Association states that the first day of pregnancy is counted from the first day of your last period, since it is often difficult to pin-point the exact date of conception. Let me tell you why this bothers me. I know that I did not get pregnant on the first day of my last period… It must have been a couple weeks after that. My last pregnancy went 2 weeks beyond my calculated due-date.  According to the hospital procedures where I gave birth, 2 weeks over-due means you get induced. And getting induced is not fun. So if my due-date was really not when they decided it was, that means I was induced for, um, no good reason! I went in for my monitoring and ultra-sounds (every other day… so annoying!), there was plenty of fluid, little Esther was perfectly safe and sound, she simply had no intention of going anywhere just yet. And who can blame her, when this whole due-date calculation makes no sense?? Is it just me?

Pregnantly Plump…?

One of the most frustrating times of pregnancy is definitely that in-between period when you’re not as slim as you used to be, but not obviously pregnant enough to bring out the maternity clothes. That’s me right now. I just look like I’ve been taking a few too many digs into that bucket of chocolate ice cream (which I have). For a while, I knew it was just the ice cream, because if I stood up straight and sucked it in, things were still OK, but no longer. It just won’t be sucked in any longer (without risking damage to the lil growing thing inside there). So it’s bye-bye to all my regular clothes and hello to those bigger, baggy-er things that have been stuffed into the back of my closet. *sigh* I just want to be noticably pregnant enough so that people will think “pregnant” instead of “plump.”

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